Online Transcript Request Form



If you are a student or were a student of Njala College/Njala University you may order an official Njala University transcript online. You will need to know your admission Number/student ID and pay the transcript processing (SLL 40,000) and local mailing (SLL 10,000) or International mailing (SLL 30,000) fees . You will be required to upload the payment slip. Without payment, your transcript request will not be processed. You can also download, complete and submit the transcipt request form 

Please complete the following information for our records for student transcript

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Make sure the person who will pickup have a government issued ID displaying their full name exactly as it is entered. They must also bring along a signed letter from you authorizing them to collect your transcript.
Save your payment slip in pdf format and name it the file using the following format;yourlastname_youradmissionnumber_transcript_paymentslip.pdf
Files must be less than 100 MB.
Allowed file types: pdf.
For Masters and IT students only
Passport photograph must taken on a light background. Save the file with your name and data of birth like this, photo_abu_kamara_01_01_1990.jpeg
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Name and Address of Parent or Guardian
Enter your full name exactly as it appears on your degree/diploma/certificate or government issued ID cards. This is your digital signature. If it does not match your full name on file, the application will not be processed