Institute of Environmental Management and Quality Control

The School of Environmental Science is the direct successor to the Faculty of Environmental Sciences that provides professional needs of relevant institutions and NGOs in the country. Undergraduate programmes are designed to provide a comprehensive and challenging analysis of the theory, principles and practices of environmental sciences within a wide range of subject areas. Motivated by this, a proposal is developed for the establishment of an Institute of Environmental Management and Quality Control to meet the Environmental Policy needs of the country and establish linkages between the university and other outreach units.
The objectives of the institute, which forms the framework of its activity, are:

  1. To introduce a one year master’s programme in environmental management and quality control.
  2. To introduce an M.Phil Research degree in Environmental Management and Quality Control aiming at enhancing our understanding of the Sierra Leone Environment so that suitable landuse policies can be formulated and implemented.
  3. To establish an environmental data management systems for use by professionals, NGOs, Planners, Policy Makers and the Public.
  4. To undertake research in Environmental Management and Quality Control.


The degree programme is designed for graduates, or equivalent, who wish to extend their experience through training in advanced research techniques by working on a project linked with the major areas of the Institute. The programme is suited to graduates who wish to undertake research training, to further their careers in government, university or industries.

Much of the research carried out by the Institute is conducted in collaboration with institutions and industries to ensure that the results of the research have practical significance.

The major areas of research activity include:

  • Land evaluation
  • Land use Planning and Management
  • Soil Erosion and Conservation
  • Soil and Water Quality
  • Land Degradation Pollution Water Supplies and Sanitation
  • Duration – One Year


This programme is designed for graduates in Environmental Sciences, and a conversion for science graduates to environmental science currently working in parastatals and private organisations who wish to upgrade their professional qualifications. The major component of the programme is the provision of relevant practical experience in Quality Control and Environmental Management skills. A proficiency paper based on individual fieldwork with minimal supervision forms a significant part of the final assessment for the Diploma.


The School will have the following facilities

  1. Laboratory facility for the study and analysis of soils, together with appropriate computing hardware and software for modelling.
  2. Analytical laboratory for water quality.
  3. Land Information Systems for the storage, manipulation and retrieval of soil, landuse, geology, climate and other environmental data.
  4. Geographical Information Systems for the storage, manipulation and retrieval of environmental data.